We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of 4 (Four) Wire Low Resistance Standards and we are also specialized in Calibration Services ( Calibrator ). Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Technical Specification

Fixed resistors: 10µΩ, 50µΩ, 100µΩ, 1mΩ, 10mΩ, 100mΩ, 1000mΩ
Maximum Test currents: For 10µΩ, 50µΩ: 20 A For 100µΩ to 10mΩ: 10 A
For 10mΩ, 100mΩ : 1A
For 1000mΩ: 100 mA
Accuracy class: 0.25% for 10µΩ, 50µΩ,
0.1% for 100µΩ, 1mΩ, 10mΩ, 100mΩ, 1000mΩ